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We are a virtual marketing advisory and implementation firm that serves B2B technology and services businesses with USA-based operations. For over two decades, we’ve helped ambitious companies profitably accelerate brand and revenue growthwith strategic, creative approaches to growing market share and a relentless focus on the customer experience and efficient execution.

When we work with you, we can act as an extension of your marketing group or as your outsourced marketing team. Our flexible project and pricing approaches enable you to find the best solution for your needs and budget.

Building the marketing foundation critical to revenue growth success

  • Branding – Break through the clutter and stand ahead of competition
  • Value Propositions – Give compelling, diferentiated reasons why to buy
  • Demand Generation – Build awareness and interest where prospects get their information
  • Lead Generation – Acquire, then nurture, interested prospects into qualified leads
  • Content Development – Move prospects along the buying journey with engaging content
  • Sales Enablement – Equip your sales team with what they need at every step

Using the power of the web to expand reach, engage customers and drive sales

  • SEO Marketing –  Achieve high organic ranking so you’re found when prospects are searching
  • PPC AdWords & Remarketing – Economically expand brand reach and drive prospects to your site
  • Social Media Marketing – Gain attention and website traffic by tailoring content to Social Media channels
  • Email Marketing – Boost engagement and sales with the right personalized message at the right time
  • E-Commerce – Offer an e-commerce experience that delivers profitable sales and satisfied customers
  • Website Development & Design – Make your site modern, impactful, SEO friendly and secure


You can rely on our experience to build your brand and accelerate profitable growth.

Our Practice Leaders have deep B2B expertise, founded in decades of experience gained across a wide variety of industries and business situations. We’ve worked with companies in all lifecycle stages, from start-ups, to mid-size and Fortune 500 businesses, including those who have national, regional, local and purely online operations.

  • Barbara Garrett is a B2B technology and professional services marketer with 25 years’ experience in senior management roles. She has successfully launched new companies and products, created new brands, repositioned existing brands and accelerated revenues for established businesses.
  • Robert Adamo has been building websites and helping companies achieve their online marketing goals for over 20 years. He is an expert in using SEO, social media, email, PPC AdWords, remarketing and e-commerce to expand reach, engage customers and accelerate profitable sales.


Branding & Value Propositions

You want your company to be one customers think of, and seriously consider, when they're searching for a solution. We use a proven, proprietary approach for establishing a high-impact brand and compelling value propositions

Break through & get ahead of the competition

We’ve created and bolstered many brands, using our proven, strategic approach to brand identity development. We craft strong, differentiated value propositions, coupled with persuasive messaging and deliberate personalities, to create a distinctive market promise, look, feel and “voice” that will enable your brand to stand out from the pack and achieve market prominence.

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Demand Generation

Our best practices and hands-on experience for creating awareness and interest help ensure prospects find engaging, compelling information when they want to learn more about doing business with your company

Get the word out and cultivate prospect interest

Did you know that 70% of B2B buyers seek, and rely upon, information they obtain from internet research and their industry colleagues before there’s ever direct contact with your company? We create opportunities by building a presence where your prospects already go to get their information, helping them to learn more and giving them reasons to consider doing business with you.

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Lead Generation

Convert prospects into qualified leads via communications programs that stake out a differentiated value proposition. We help you deliver campaigns that bring prospects along the buying journey

Transform prospects into qualified sales leads

To convert interested prospects into qualified leads, we create targeted campaigns that allow you to nurture relationships over time. Key to this is offering valuable, engaging content that addresses information needs at each step of the buyer’s journey. We work with sales to develop buyer personas, map the buying process and create lead scoring to identify the hottest prospects.

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Content Development

Today, content marketing is critical for B2B success. Being a trusted industry resource establishes your business expertise and opens doors for your sales team. We help you develop valuable, engaging content that builds buyer interest and nurtures relationships

Develop engaging content that builds credibility

Thought leadership content, delivered in engaging ways, should be a cornerstone of your marketing effort. It builds brand awareness, demonstrates your differentiated value and spurs buying conversations. We help you tell your story by creating customer-needs focused content that communicates your core messaging, nurtures leads and engages post-sale customers for repeat purchase.

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Sales Enablement

We craft crisp, persuasive communications and work with you to ensure your sales team has the information, content and tools they need to have valuable customer conversations at each stage of the buying lifecycle

Give the sales team what they need to close deals

Your sales team needs the right set of tools at their disposal during the sales process. A successful sales enablement program must be jointly owned by marketing and sales. We work with your sales leaders to maximize opportunity by developing buyer personas, mapping the buying journey, then developing the messaging and assets needed to engage prospects across the sales continuum.

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SEO Marketing

Being found on Google is key to acquiring customers and building your brand among those who are searching for your products and services—our SEO expertise will make sure they find you, not just your competition

Obtain a High Organic Ranking

Getting your website to organically rank highly is not easy, but well worth the effort. Often, it creates savings in other marketing areas such as PPC AdWords. With our proprietary SEO marketing techniques and software, your target buyers will be more likely to see your brand in the right place at the right time, driving more prospects to your website and into the buying funnel. 

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PPC AdWords & Remarketing

Pay-Per-Click and Remarketing ads enable you to efficiently reach your target market and deliver more visitors to your site. We help you finetune ads and ensure you place them at optimal times, days and locations

Expand your brand reach, with budget control

PPC and Remarketing ads are valuable ways to expand brand reach and drive visitors to your site, while controlling daily, weekly and monthly budgets. We help you develop compelling ads and manage Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter PPC campaigns. Once someone’s visited your site, Remarketing ads enable you to engage them again wherever they go online.

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B2B Social Media Marketing

Growing and engaging your audience via social media is critical in today’s marketplace —our social media services help you stay current and relevant for the 60% of visitors who view your profiles before there’s ever direct contact

Use the power of social media to engage customers

Many of your customers are already engaging with businesses on social media. Are you there and are you listening? Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube may be more critical than you estimate. Our experts can help you connect with new and existing customers in ways that expand your reach, build brand awareness and drive website traffic and conversions.

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Email Marketing

Email is effective for connecting with prospects and giving existing customers a reason to visit your site or contact you. We execute engaging campaigns, and create solid opt-in lists that are critical to success

Drive sales through ongoing customer outreach

Newsletters and ongoing outreach emails are powerful ways to engage your customers directly and personally. 59% of businesses find email marketing to be the most effective way to generate revenue. We produce engaging emails that build credibility, encourage prospects to return to your site and interact with your sales team. While doing so, we focus on building your subscription list.
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Careful management of an E-Commerce site is critical to profitably. For over 20 years, our team has helped E-Commerce clients optimize their stores to deliver profits and satisfied, repeat customers

Make E-Commerce profitable and satisfy customers

When customers visit a store, they expect a high service level. For online stores, “service” means easy-to-navigate catalogs, accurate product descriptions, competitive prices, and sometimes, Live Chat and call center options. We have deep expertise in delivering everything your site visitors expect. Our aim is not only grow sales profitably, but also to build your brand and provide a satisfying customer experience that leads to repeat sales and referrals.

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Website Development & Design

Your website is most likely your first impression. Don’t underestimate its value in building trust, credibility and attracting leads and buyers. We make it impactful, responsive and easy to use across all devices

Create an Impactful, Engaging and SEO-Friendly Site

Today’s website visitor is searching for valuable content that answers their questions and reassures them that you’re a company they’d like to do business with. We make sure your site is impactful, easy-to-use and secure–and we tell your story in ways that spur visitors to take action. From standard company websites to E-Commerce stores, we help you build awareness, credibility and buyer interest before there’s ever direct contact.

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More Marketing Services to Help You Grow

We offer wide array of additional classical and digital B2B marketing services to help you build your brand, compete successfully, support your sales team and profitably grow your business. Let's discusss how can we help!

Tap Into Our B2B Expertise and Flexible Approach

Whether you’re a start-up, mid-stage or Fortune 500 company, we’ve got B2B experience you can rely on. Beyond our core service offerings, we have expertise across a wide spectrum of other efforts, from growth strategy, to marketing plans, to industry events, to trade shows, to analyst relations and beyond. Our flexible marketing advisory services and pricing approaches allow you to find the best solution for your needs and budget.

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Transformed our “marketing” which consisted of a few sales brochures and events into a strategic effort that raised our industry profile, clearly differentiated us from our competitors, and grew our lead pipeline.

A marketing effort that grows awareness and sales leads, CEO, mid-market consulting and professional services company

Instrumental in helping me to transform my start-up vision into reality by developing a brand identity, value propositions, high-impact messaging and a business launch plan. The “get things done” attitude and resourcefulness enabled us to secure our first customers effectively and efficiently.

Driving inbound leads and revenue growth via strategic marketing, CEO, digital media start-up

With groundbreaking market research that explored attitudes as well as functional benefits, Barbara successfully repositioned our brand, competitively protecting the bank’s highest contributor to net income.

Using buyer attitudes as a competitive weapon, SBU head, Global Tier 1 financial institution

Helped us develop and launch our second Center of Excellence with year-one results that far exceeded expectations. Led critical value proposition development, branding, creative design, and was a guardian of the voice of the customer, keeping us focused and efficient in execution.

Successfully launching a new offering, VP, leading international not-for-profit

Our site was ranking for only a handful of keywords and wasn’t generating inbound leads. With their SEO expertise, we’re now achieving high rankings for many of our most valuable keywords and have more than tripled our inbound inquiries.

SEO that drives high organic rankings and leads, Owner of NYC Pest Control Company

Our website was outdated and wasn’t helping us to generate new business. Now we have an SEO-optimized, mobile friendly website with great content and design, and we’re finally getting quality inbound leads.

Websites that spur customer engagement and action, Marketing Team, New Jersey Doctors Office

For several years, we managed our PPC AdWords internally and struggled to achieve positive payback. After hiring b2bMarketingusa’s experts, we discovered we were wasting thousands of dollars per month. They helped us reduce our monthly spend while improving our response rates—definitely a win!

Efficiently delivering more visitors to your site, Owner of NJ Holistic Health Clinic

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