Brand Identity & Value Propositions

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Build credibility, trust and close sales with a powerful customer value proposition.

You shouldn’t underestimate the value of your brand identity and value proposition—they deliver very tangible and game-changing benefits. Your business identity drives sales by establishing a level of trust in customers’ minds, opening doors for your sales team and spurring referrals. It conveys the experience customers can expect when doing business with your company—an important consideration in the B2B buying process.

When you have tough competition, your brand and value proposition separate you from the pack by establishing what you stand for that’s different and better than your competitors. Practically, they get you to the table and help keep you there, so you can build the trust needed to close the sale.

Break ahead of competition with a strong, compelling brand identity.

We’ve successfully created and launched new brands, and have repositioned existing ones, for Fortune 500, mid-market and startup companies. Our approach is holistic—it’s derived from your business’s market strategy and aims to be an overarching umbrella for all your products and services. Using our proven, proprietary frameworks, we deploy a strategic process to define a customer-centric brand identity for your business—one that’s founded in an understanding of the fundamental problems your customers are looking to solve, the context of their available options, their values and the experience they’re seeking.

Once we’ve created or strengthened your brand identity, we codify it by creating clear, specific guidelines for the brand’s presentation in all vehicles and channels. This enables you to have professional, consistent messaging and a distinctive look, feel and voice that’s powerfully reinforced over time.

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