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Nurture client relationships with targeted email campaigns.

With robust email marketing campaigns, you can reinforce your core messaging and make sure your clients know about new products, services, content and events you’re sponsoring or attending. Different email marketing campaign “tracks” can also be tailored to different sales situations, such as a new contact from a trade show versus a client who got a proposal but did not buy. Motivating buyers to visit your site is also critical to building an opt-in email list. With this list, you’re able to deliver a consistent communications stream, deepening existing customer relationships and engaging prospects along the buying journey.

Optimize the value and impact of your email lists.

When we start with you, our first step is to analyze your current and past email campaigns and provide you with a complete report on what has worked, what has not and why. We then develop a strategic and tactical road map for managing your B2B email campaigns going forward. This may include new templates or delivery schedules, as well as a next 30-to-60 day event calendar. When we implement your campaigns, we’re able to use suppliers like Campaigner, MailChimp, ConstantContact and ZenDesk, as well as most other commercial email sending services.

Working with us, you’ll maximize the value of your email list, while making sure you’re not overloading customers’ inboxes.

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