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Nurture prospects into sales ready leads with credibility-building lead generation campaigns.

It’s imperative to become a trusted resource at every stage of the B2B buying lifecycle to transform interested prospects into qualified leads. You need to provide information that’s worthy of prospects’ attention and time. Key to achieving this is understanding buyer and influencer information needs at each step of the buying journey, then providing valuable, engaging content that nurtures them down the purchase decision path.

We begin by developing buyer personas and work together with your sales leaders to create a mutually agreed upon lead scoring system that defines each B2B lead stage—from initial lead, to marketing qualified (MQL), to sales qualified (SQL) and, ultimately, a closed sale. Lead management business processes and metrics are also developed to ensure smooth handoffs, accountabilities, success tracking and ROI.

Select the right tactics to propel prospects to a purchase decision.

We help you tell your story by creating campaigns that address the pressing business issues and problems your B2B customers face and showcase your solutions. When developing campaign strategy, we work with you to make important decisions about how much prospect information to capture at each step.

To develop prospects’ interest and move them through the buying funnel, we employ a wide range of B2B lead generation tactics, depending on your needs, resources and budget. Among the most frequent are content provided on your company’s website, tradeshows, conferences, SEO, email marketing, social media and webinars. These tactics are also useful for encouraging repeat purchase and referrals from existing customers.

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