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Deliver website prospects at an acceptable ROI.

PPC (Pay-per-Click) AdWords and Remarketing campaigns are instrumental to expanding reach, building brand awareness, driving targeted visitors to your website and generating leads. The use of PPC AdWords is most efficient at building B2B website traffic because you’re only charged for clicks that bring visitors to your site, not ad “impressions” as offered by other advertising options. Once someone’s visited your site, Remarketing campaigns enable you to engage them again and again wherever they go online.

Working with a professional AdWords manager is critical to ensuring an acceptable ROI. Far too often, we’ve seen that companies who “go it alone” on Google paid ads have ended up with poor-to-no positive results. Our AdWords team has been managing PPC AdWords accounts for more than a decade—we know what it takes to manage tight, yet effective campaigns that yield maximum results. We have experience managing all PPC programs, including those from Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Implement KPI-driven keyword campaigns.

We begin by performing research to determine the best way to reach your B2B audience, then present you with several budget options. Each option provides clear projections based on in-depth Google keyword analyses. To do this, we sort through hundreds of potential keywords to select those most profitable for directing target B2B prospects to your website. Our research assessment also includes a determination of whether your business can benefit from Remarketing campaigns or other specialty online advertising programs.

For your AdWords campaigns, we recommend the exact B2B search terms or phrases, days of week, time of day and locations that will optimize your spending. If Remarketing is recommended, we work with you to design campaigns that keep your brand in front of previous website visitors, enabling you to reconnect, bring them back to your site and potentially convert a lead into a sale. Once we implement your campaigns, we track PPC AdWords and Remarketing performance on a weekly or monthly basis, using Google, Bing and Yahoo! Analytics. As we proceed, we continuously identify adjustments that minimize wasteful spending and maximize campaign ROI.

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