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Propel prospects to your site with a fine-tuned SEO effort.

SEO Marketing is no longer an option–it’s an imperative. According to Google, today B2B buyers are already 57% down the buying path before there’s ever a direct contact with your company, so you need to be found when they’re initially searching.

An investment in SEO is an investment in your marketing ROI. Having your website appear at, or near, the top of search engine results for your prospects’ search keywords is highly efficient. It helps more potential customers find you and delivers a lower cost-per-acquisition than alternative marketing options such as PPC AdWords, direct mail or other traditional marketing efforts.

Obtain high search rankings with our keyword expertise and continuous improvement.

Our goal is yours–to quickly and efficiently improve your search ranking for the keywords your prospects use. We start with a robust, in-depth keyword analysis, using our nearly 20 years of SEO experience. We not only analyze your business, but also that of your key competitors. Often, we uncover keyword “hidden gems” that can be exploited quickly to gain more search engine exposure. When we review our research results with you, we provide realistic 6 and 12-month plans for SEO improvements that will lead Google algorithms to rank your business higher.

We provide reports that evaluate progress against goals on a monthly basis, using Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. These results inform the continuous improvements needed for keyword terms and phrases.

Our SEO experience enables us to obtain high rankings for most of  our clients’ keywords within the first year. Beyond that, we work with you to maintain your brand exposure and website traffic growth by making ongoing adjustments dictated by changes in your business or those of your competitors.

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